How do we make it easy for small hoteliers to create a beautiful online presence?


Much like Squarespace does for small businesses, Siteminder was looking for a way to make creating an online presence for small hoteliers easy.  

I was brought on as the lead designer to help launch, Canvas, a website creator for independent hotels.

Check out the prototype for our latest hotel theme on Marvel here.

Siteminder is a Sydney based company who develops cloud-based products for the hospitality industry.


Working side-by-side with their lead developer, we created a total of 5 templates, each tailoring to a subset of their current clients.

The biggest challenge was creating designs that fit the needs of the most basic user, but also the needs of a more complex user across different types of hotel industries while also keeping in mind how much each hotelier would grow over time. 

Our solution was a highly customizable content management system that could translate the most simplest of websites (imagine if all the images you had of your hotel were less than 600px?—a design nightmare!) into a site that was mobile and user-friendly and could implement Siteminder’s pre-existing powerful hotlelier tools. This very same platform could also support hotels that already had a strong visual presence and instead, wanted help finessing their user experience.

This project demanded high and clear levels of communication between the developer and I, along with the CEO to make sure we were creating within back-end limitations.