How can we create an easier to understand, engaging, human-centered first impression? 


This was a long-term project for the proposed redesign of

Check out the interactive prototype on Marvel here.

Infor is a $3 billion global organization providing cloud-based enterprise software solutions to over 90,000 businesses.

Infor’s homepage receives 40,000 hits weekly. Our priorities included a reorganization of the hierarchy and an engaging user experience that reflected the new design direction. My personal mission with this project was to speak to the user in a way that would create more connection and relatability. Who likes to read technical corporate jargon? Underneath our suits and business meetings we were all just worried about when lunch was, really. 

I tried to achieve this through a warm and personable design aesthetic keeping in mind how confusing this global organization can sometimes be. This project’s challenge was translating a complex company serving 16 different industries into a usable and highly polished solution that spoke to what we all have in common...being human.