How can we market to humans?


Create a marketing campaign for Infor CloudSuite—complete industry suites in the cloud spanning over 16 different industries. 

Infor is a $3 billion global organization providing cloud-based enterprise software solutions to over 90,000 businesses.

The human element. We can be anything, lawyers, CEO’s, designers, directors...but before that, we are humans.

So the question presents itself, why do we use complicated language and boring visuals to market to CEO’s when we should take a step back and market to humans? Carmine Gallo’s book, Talk like TED, shares that the most viewed TED talks are not presenters sharing facts and showing graphs about how AIDS can be cured, but sharing stories. Creating an emotional connection with the audience. Relating on the base level...being human.

This CloudSuite concept is about making the enterprise software industry fun, relatable and easy-to-understand. No stock imagery, no fancy jargon, just being real.